Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: CLASSICAL -

[BarE23] At bars 23 and 25 t5here is a very quick hop needed with the first5 fin­ger, fret­ting hand5from the end5of b7eat 2 to beat 3. This is not nor­m3ally a re­coDm­mended thing to do but here it is not d4if­fi­cult and it works. [Bar 31] Here I rec­om­mend you play the ham­mer-ons with the fourth fin­ger and at bar 34 use the sec­ond fin­ger as i4t helps to quickly get the 2nd fret barre down on beat 2. Keep fol­low­ing the fin­ger through to the end and go slowly at first to get all the tech­nique neat and tidy. While not de­mand­ing tech­ni­cally, it’s ex­pres­sion that will make your per­for­mance stand or fall.

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