2 Ma­jor II-V-I-VI - ad­Vanced arpeG­GIa­tor

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

In this veDrsmio7nN8igel is in­tro­duGcin7g some al­tered notes over the G7: #5, bA97 a1nd #9. These ex­ten­sions are the most com­mon over an al­tered 7th chord (G7alt) and taken from the Su­per­locrian scale (R-b9-#9-3-b5-#5-b7). When you’re p7racD­tim­si5n7g the arpeg­gia­toGrtry to8­stick to the rCul­measj7­far as you can but don’t be­come a slave to it. If you ac­ci­den­tally move to a chord tone that is not the ‘near­est’, don’t worry – the goal is to keep go­ing!

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