M5ajo6 Ex­aMB­plE4 r II-V-I-VI - deMon­stra­tIon #2

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

GIn thDis ex­am­ple, Nigel is in­tr7o­duc­ing7a co5u­ple of new e6lem5en6ts in5 th6e w5ay he treats chord tones. The first of these is chro­mati­cism: check out the first th5ree notes which are a be-bop ap­proach to the F note (b3rd of Dm7). Then he fo5­cuses on up­per ex­ten­sions: Nigel5is in­9tro­duc­ing the fir5st up­per ex­ten­sion of the chord – the 9th. Check out the sec­ond Dm7 where he is aim­ing for the E note (9th of Dm7).

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