EXAMPLE6 full Solo

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: HARD ROCK -

This solo en­com­passes whammy bar dives, tapped har­mon­ics, tremolo pick­ing and, of course, two-handed tap­ping. The struc­ture of the solo is a 12-bar blues in E and is based in E mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (E-G-A-C-D) with the oc­ca­sional added 2nd, b5th and 6th sug­gest­ing Blues scale and E Do­rian mode. The tap­ping lick in bar 7 mo­men­tar­ily bor­rows from E Har­monic mi­nor mode (E-F#-G-A-B-C-Eb) and has a clas­si­cal 'Erup­tion' flavour.

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