ExAmplE3 Fast Fin­Ger­style sin­Gle-note lines

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

ETedB ex­e­cuted the ma1j0or­ity of his sin­gle-notes lines with a com­bi­na­tion of pick­ing hand first and sec­ond fin­gers, al8though you7 can achiev6e

equ2ally im­pAres­sive re­sults with the al­ter­na­tion of thumb and first fin­ger. For the0 autEhen­tic­ity nuts out there, Ted plays7a line very sim0i­lar to this on Solo Guitar but does so with a pick and quickly gets rid of it for the fin­ger­style sec­tions that fol­low, although in g2en­eral fin­ger­s2are his usual pref­er­e3nce. From a notes per­spec­tive, we’re look­ing at D Ae­o­lian (D-E-F G-A-Bb-C) and from a har­monic per­spec­tive we see a iim27b5-V7 (Em7b5-A7) in bar 4 be­fore lead­ing into som4e Jo3e pass-style walk­ing bass ac­tion in ba0rs 5-8, spell­ing out a mi­nor I-VI-II-V (Dm6/7-Bm7b5-Em7b5-A7#5).

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