ExAmplE6 lenny Breau style

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

lenny Breau’s tech­nique of com­bin­ing har­mon­ics with reg­u­lar fret­ted notes made a big im­pres­sion on Greene. Al­most all of his solo ar­range­ments have a lit­tle of this ap­proach in there some­where – of­ten as a ru­bato in­tro or

but also in­te­grated in the main body of a melody or se­quence and con­se­quently played in tempo. The trick here is to play all of the reg­u­lar fret­ted notes with the third or fourth fin­ger of the pick­ing hand, leav­ing the har­mon­ics to the thumb, trac­ing the node 12 frets higher than the fret­ted note with the pointed first fin­ger. You may ben­e­fit from ac­tu­ally see­ing this in ac­tion, so I’d urge you to check out the master lenny Breau on YouTube, or have a look at Ted Greene’s web­site (www.ted­greene.com).

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