Ex­Am­plE8 im­pro­vised Baroque im­plied two-part lines

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hisoeco#noete­moe­poo­er­ar­i­oees. Not only anSterxapigehrt har­moAnmy, Greene was equally fa­mil­iar and oeO­neoeof

hisoe fluBent with the lan­guage of Bach and favourite de5vices was t∑o im4pro­vise in this style with the of cre­at­ing twAo parts at5once. The melody4­line is based upon a com­bi­na4­tion of sc5ale3 anEd ar­peg­gio mo4­tion w3hile the bassline sup­po4rts an5d punc­tu­ates this part

Ebut also stands alone and makes sense as a melody in its own right. Aim to Ob­viooeu4sly, boee keep all bass notes in place for as long as pos­si­ble to cre­ate a smooth legato over­lap­p4ing ef­fect. the aim here6is to able to im­pro­vise your own lines in this style but learn­ing this lick ver­ba­tim is a re­ally pos­i­tive step in4 th3e right di­rec­tion.

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