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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

Greeoene oeto specif­i­cally#the HeGre we see how might add a bassline a sim­ple s4ec­tion of chords, usin#g 7toeh

aoend (7aoe). II-V-I-VI in C (Dm7-G7-Cmaj7-A7). We be­gin with the

oe3rd voEic­ings just root, 3rd or root, 7th and Us­ing these shapes, we progress to a three-over-two rhyth­mic ex­er­cise (7b), be­fore

Bmovi­noe7g toehe boe­ass

on to a walk­ing bassline in quar­ter notes (crotch­ets) wiÓth semi­tone ap­proache in w7ith syn­co­pated chords in the tre­ble (7c), end­ing with what Ted refers to as ‘ac­tive’ bass mo­tion, where the melodic ac­tion is in the bass, rather than on top of the chords (7d).

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