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when you thought you knew ev­ery­th8ing about the chord of C, here’s

with a bunch of dif­fer­ent ways to look at the hum­ble triad. Here’s a in­4­close

of some of his ap­proaches. We b7e­gin with the har­monised C ma­jor s6­cale posit∑ion (10a), mov­ing onto in­ver­sions of these chords with the root on the top and the 3rd in bass (first in­ver­sion: 10b). Keep­ing the tonic on the top, he then opens the triad out by dis­plac­ing the mid­dle note d7own an oc­tave (10c), mo5v­ing through­out the scale. Fi­nally, we see how he m8ight use open voic­ings7to har­monise each of the di­a­tonic bass notes in C with∑just the I (C), IV (F) and V (G) tri­ads and their in­ver­sions, so C co∑uld be placed over C, E or G bass notes, F against F, A and C and G above G, B or D.

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