JohnLEn­non Fin­Ger­style bass with up­per tri­ads

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: ACOUSTIC -

[Bar 1] This pick­ing pat­tern forms the rhythm that will con­tinue through­out the piece – it’s com­mon for singer-song­writer-fin­ger­pick­ers to lock in to a

GUITAR TECH­NIQUES 2 4 8 cer­tain pat­tern or rhythm and then main­tain it through­out a track. Don’t for­get the drop D tun­ing as well (D-A-D-G-B-A). [Bar 2] Some very Bea­tles-es­que move­ment in the chords from bars 1-2; us­ing tri­ads with a de­scend­ing note will al­ways give you this sound and you’ll hear the same ap­proach in the next few bars. [Bar 9] one of the great things about tri­ads is that you can move chord shapes up and down the fret­board while keep­ing the bass notes in place; we sim­ply move from a D triad to an F triad fol­lowed by an E triad here.

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