JohnLEn­non ma­jor to mi­nor and de­scend­inG bass lines

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: ACOUSTIC -

[Bar 16] John Len­non of­ten took his writ­ing on un­ex­pected twists, ei­ther from a sim­ple same key ma­jor to mi­nor move or some­thing more ‘out there’. In this bar we play a Bb6 which puts us into D mi­nor ter­ri­tory briefly be­fore we2reA­tu­cronut­sotiDc ma­jor in the fol­low­ing bar. [Bar 19] here’s another de­scend­ing bassline idea, this time con­fined to just the sixth string. [Bar 27] And fi­nally another Bea­tles-style chord se­quence – yet again it’s all in those de­scend­ing bass notes.

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