Ex­Am­PlE steve lukather-style read­ing piece

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: ROCKSCHOOL -

Play the first four bars then obey the re­peat bracket e16 ini­tial bar again. Upon the sec­ond re­peat, go to the sec­ond time end­ing and con­tinue through the piece. At bar 7 there are an ad­di­tional two sharps in the key sig­na­ture, which trans­pos­es­mu7s up aRtEoAneDfIrNomG BP­mairn­to1r6

Bto C# mi­nor; you can sim­ply move up two frets to ac­cess the new key. At bar 11 those two sharps are nat­u­ralised bring­ing us back to B mi­nor. Fi­nally, we have another re­peated1 sec­tion with a first and sec­ond time edmo.7ctaves. end­ing,Bfimni6shing on some ac­cent


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