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Guitar Techniques - - THE BLUES SHUFFLE -

ba­soes Go­ing elec­tric, with a dol­lop of slap­back/re­verb, this ex­am­ple moves for­ward to the mid 50s. The first half es­tab­lishes the melodic and rhyth­mic form, be­com­ing ex­per#im4en­tal, al­mooest toehe bar­soe. Takoee tooeiso­late troee­bles. tou­choeof p#aroetic­u­loear

com­pre­oes­sion moEre jazzy, in fi­nal 8 care the muted notes from the ring­ing A can help toeh. veryoe.thin.

oeor be­coeome even this out, but don’t go too far down at road the tone can

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