Ex­am­plE7 ste­vie ray shuf­fle

Guitar Techniques - - THE BLUES SHUFFLE -

EAl­sBo adding in a tou1c2h of ro1c1k ‘n’ roll, th1is0srv-inspired ex­am­ple uses bold, slash­ing up­strokes across the open strings, and these are the key to giv­ing it the ‘swing’. doEn’t worry if these1s0ound m9essy at firs8t – when put in con­text, you will find they mix in w0ith the chords and bass line nicely. Again, ru0n through slo(4w)ly pay­ing at­tAen­tion to de­t0ail. I1t’s2 easy play this1b0adly. Why not record your­self and lis­ten back with a crit­i­cal ear?

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