Ex­am­plE8 mi­nor rock shuf­fle

Guitar Techniques - - THE BLUES SHUFFLE -

Chang­ing gear to a5mi­nor feXel, th7is shXuf­fle7 cal­lXs ZZ Top and6 Thin lizzy mind. some of the ear6lierXrag­time pieces, be care­ful to mute the bass notes, giv­ing theBDm more punch a7nd

d9efinXi­tion7whXile al7low­iXng the top n6ote0s to speaXk more cXlearly. ri0ffs like this greatly from ex­ag­g7er­at­ing the c0on­trast as much as poEDs­si­ble. Go for jus7t enough dirt when at­tack­ing the string hard, be­cause too much will lose def­i­ni­tion.


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