Ex­am­plE11 blues­break­ers shuf­fle lead

Guitar Techniques - - THE BLUES SHUFFLE -

re'st TakBing our cue from Clap­ton’s pi­o­neer­ing work on the Beano al­bum from 1966, this ex­am­ple aims to em­u­late some of the fine de­tails that made his play­ing staDnd out so much0. not0ice in bar 2, we switch abruptly from2 triplets to straight quavers, re­vert­ing to a swung feel for the of the solo. This is only ap­par­ent whAen quavers are be­ing played, of course. lots of lit­tl0e bends ha4p­penin5g on th6e Cs, strad7dling the gap be­tween ma­jor and mi­nor. Orig­i­nally played on a les Paul throu12gh a Mar­shall combo, t2his style3­forme4d the tem­plate for pretty much all the rock lead pla0y­ing3that was to fol­low.


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