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This ini­tial state­ment of the melody is fairly low-gain and sub­tly dou­ble tracked, ap­par­ently through a Boo­gie combo. note there is fre­quent vi­brato, but it’s care­fully se­lected and not sim­ply played by de­fault. it’s these de­tail­sGtUhIaTtAhRelpTEgCivHeNGIQarUyE’sS­plaMyAinGgAsZuINchEfin2e4ss9e.

Here is the higher har­mony (up a 3rd) that plays un­der­neath the first verse. it’s slightly lower in the mix, to leave room in the mix for the vo­cal and re­flect the dy­namic. You’ll no­tice it’s phrased slightly dif­fer­ently to the first time round, prob­a­bly to help ar­tic­u­la­tion and not fight with the vo­cal.

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