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Tremolo pick­ing while trilling with the fret­ting hand and slid­ing down to around the 2nd fret by the end of bar 63, this lick is likely inspired by Jeff Beck, of whom Gary was a big fan. This will take a lit­tle work to nail, but if you at5­tack it with con­fi­dence it shouldn’t take too long.

a vari­a­tion on the main theme – re­turn­ing to the neck pickup and rolling the vol­ume down slightly be­tween bars 70/71 for dy­nam­ics – and a touch of do­rian mode (a-B-C-d-E-F#-G) with that F# in bar 71. Crank the vol­ume all the way back up for the sus­tained note in bars 72-75. Good luck!

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