EXAMPLE6 di­a­Tonic 7Th

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used#in##this ea3sily¢oe­co­no­ev­er­to­e­root poBsimti7o­noe­triaoed­s5into Pull-offs are ex3aAm­m5­pa­jle7 t7o four-note 7th arpeg­gios.4As al­w5ays when play­ing slurs, make sure you play the pull-offs

mi≥rrors≥ea­coeh t£≤he tEhis&se­quence rhyth­mi­cally. On the back­ing h≥arm≥ony≤ ar≥peg≤gio ≤but you≤can≤also≥su­per­imp≥ose arp≥eg­gios≥very e≥ffec­tively over a static har­monic back­ing – for in­stance would also work over an Amaj7 or A ma­jor7­vamp.

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