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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | PICKING -

In this ex­am­ple the three-notes-per-string con­cept is ex­panded across three strings but this time as 16th notes. When play­ing 16th notes based on three-note pat­terns the most comm≥o≤n ≥pr≥ob≤le≥m ≤to≤av≥oi≤d is sli≥pp≤in≥g ≥int≤o ≥‘tri≤ple≤t≥’m≤ode. T≥o e≤ns≥ur≥e a≤cc≥ura≤te≤ rh≥yt≤hmic≥de≤liv≤er≥y, l≤igh≥tly≤ a≤cc≥e≥nt th≤e first ≥note in each group of 16ths; this not only sounds bet­ter, it will also im­prove your pick con­trol.

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