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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | PICKING -


and4min.oroe7b5 u7seoeth6eoe­sug­geste¡oed By mix of econ­omy pick­ing, ham­mer-ons and pull-offs, two-oc­tave 7th arpeg­gios can be played with ease, as4this e7x­am­4­ple demon­strates. Ma­jor, mi­nor,

that5th.e dom­i­nant, arpe9g­g1i0o shapes are all cov­ered he1re0. As al­ways fin­gerin7g for b5est re­sults, en­sur­ing sec­ond note in each ham­mer-on a7nd1p0ull-off can be clearly heard while ap­ply­ing the slurs r9hyth­mi­cally.


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