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th©e»fu¡ sº7ix-string This iEs A mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic shape and sp¢ans the tradi¡tional shape one and shape two CAGed forms o6f t1h0e scale7.To fa­cili­ta8te the use of econ­omy

be≥poe¡l≥ayed≤™oefa≥st pick­ing, three-≥7notes-per-string lines are al­ways fol­lowed by a sin­gle note on th≤e ne≥xt s≤trin≤g; t≥his≤ma≤kes≥the≤fin≤ger≥ing a≤ lit≤tle un­com­fort­able at first but it’s well sh≥¢oeape≥caoe™n≤

a≥nd e≤ffo≥rtle≥ssly wit≤h e≤cono≥my≤pic≤kin≥g. worth mas­terin≥g b≤e¡oe­cause£oethis

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