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This fi­nal ex­am­ple is based on a reg­u­lar 12-bar shuf­fle blues in C ma­jor; the very an­tithe­sis of the mu­si­cal gym­nas­tics nor­mally as­so­ci­ated with econ­omy and sweep pick­ing! As you can hear econ­omy pick­ing can sound ex­tremely ef­fec­tive in this con­text, mak­ing the in­tro­duc­tion of dou­ble-time phras­ing (bars 17-18) quite ef­fort­less. The head is based around triplet phras­ing which em­ploys some semi-bar­res on the first two beats (re­mem­ber to use fin­ger rolling here to keep your de­liv­ery clean). The tune is also lightly palm muted on the full mix but this is en­tirely op­tional – you may pre­fer to play it with­out.

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