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You will need to tune the open strings notes to: Eb-Bb-Eb-G-Bb-Eb. This tun­ing makes the no­ta­tion con­fus­ing, so even our hard­core note read­ers may need to re­fer to the tab! Pick­ing-hand fin­ger­ing is in­di­cated at var­i­ous points, so do fol­low these care­fully. As a gen­eral rule, we will be play­ing free stroke but rest stroke should be used on the melody where pos­si­ble – bar 2 for ex­am­ple.

At bar 3 there is quite a big stretch for the fret­ting hand when the fourth fin­ger reaches up for the G note, so try to re­lax as you reach. This im­me­di­ately jumps to a barre at the 5th fret. Take your time with bar 4 and fol­low all the fin­ger­ing care­fully. A 4th fret barre is needed half way through bar 7 so, again, take it slowly at first.

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