Ex­am­plE1 mi­nor pen­ta­tonic over a dom­i­nant chord

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Our first ex­am­ple draws heav­ily from phrases found within d mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scale ( d-F-G-A-C). Al­bert tended to use the mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scale even against a ma­jor or dom­i­nant 7th sound., as here How­ever, he would bend and pull the notes a quar­ter tone, a full tone, a tone and a half or more. By do­ing so he would also en­comGUpIaTsAsR­soTmEeCoHfNtIhQeUnEoSteM­soAfGthAeZIdNoE­mi2­na4n9t sound – the ma­jor 3rd and b7th for ex­am­ple (F# and C over a d7 chord).

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