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in these bars nigel demon­strates the use of dou­ble-time feel by play­ing 16th notes. it’s re­mark­able how he main­tains con­trol over the phrases and he still man­ages to land on chord tones. also we can see how nigel has coBm­pletely as­sim1i3lated jaz1z3ar­tic1u1la­tion into h1i1s phras­ing. i1t2still comes ou1t3– even at dou­ble sp1e2ed! Cha1r2lie Pa1r0ker would b1e0proud.

EJ­some very in­ter­est­ing lines in this sec­tion. Bars 37 and 38 go from an al­most Chuck-Berry-meet-Ge­orge-Ben­son line into a mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic played in fourths in McCoy Tyner style. Then in bars 41-43 there’s a lovely leg1a3to id1e2a wh1i3ch is def­i­nitely go­ing1t8o test1o5ur sta1m5ina1.2

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