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tim∑e More mi­nor Pen­ta­ton­ics here, this in Ebm (Eb-Gb-ab-Bb-db). Make sure you are com­fort­able with all po­si­tions of this scale. Tra­di­tion­ally,this is learnt in five two-Enotes-per-string blocks each cor­re­spond­ing to the C-a-G-E-d chord forms. as the phrase de­vel­o4ps, W5ayne fills

th8e gap6s by adding the notes F (2nd) and C sbcDalo­eri­isan­great (6th)G,to cre­ate do­rian mode. This for the im­provi2ser a4s all th6e no7tes are po­ten­tial res­o­lu­tion points9and there is no7r'eal dis­son­a5nce.


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