ExamplE5 Bluesy do­Rian solo with small choRd foRms

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EHBere we see how Krantz might6im­p7ro­vise small chord forms on the spot. Once again, w1e1’re1e3x­ploit­ing E1b1­do­rian (r-121-b31-4-5-6-b7), which is a great choice to be­gin as there are n6o ‘av8oid’ tones. While it’s tech­ni­cally pos­si­ble to play this ex­clu­sively with the pick, Wayne would usu­ally q1u3ite s1n1appy and en­er­getic hAy­brid pick­ing as this pro­vides a more per­cus­sive and funky tone. Of course, you should ex­plore all op­tions.


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