Ex­aDm­plE7 dou­Ble-stops

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in cer­tain blues-de­rived styles it’s cus­tom­ary to b8lur the dis­1t5i2nc­tion be­tween mi­nor and ma­jor 3rd, par­tic­u­larly when used in con­junc­tion with b7th in­ter­vals. The 7#9 en­ca8p­sul1a0tes t1h0is du­a1li0ty, as the #9 is in all pra1c0tical8ter­m1s0a b83rd. Her1e0we see how Wa8yne1m0ight9­ba8lance these two sounds with a choice

smal­loe­chord eaoesy se­lecD­tion of dou­ble-9stops and fo­er­ag­moeents. Go on thoee gaoein as yoeouoe­want a cer­tain kind of clar­ity while also striv­ing for edge and bite to the tone.


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