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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON | JAZZ -

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toehe WaJyn⋲e at3jum2poes This pEhrase be­gins with some bluesy lin­ear ideas, al­beit with some in­trigu­ing open strings in how

a p3at(t5er)n of four, util­is­ing con­c2lud3in2g w1ith hy­b2rid-1picked a2sce1nd­ing in­cor­po­rate larger in­ter­vals in­to3his2style; in the3sethis case we’re look­ing a 7th, be­fore

s2tring≠s, the oDpen sec­ond and first again as are ap­pro­pri­ate choices in re­lat3ion to our3B mi­nor tonal­ity.

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