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We have a re­laxed bluesy swing feel here. I haven’t gone for Nel­son’s way-be­hind-the-beat ap­proach but it’s a great feel to prac­tise – see how far be­hind you can get be­fore it all falls apart!

Here is an ex­am­ple of Nel­son’s clas­sic ‘walk­ing’ bassline that con­nects the C to the A7. These don’t have to be overly elab­o­rate and are usu­ally just

GUITAR TECH­NIQUES 2 4 8 short bass runs that take you from one chord to the next. You’ll find another ex­am­ple of this in bar 13.

In ad­di­tion to bass runs Nel­son will use oc­taves to get from one chord to another as with this ex­am­ple.

Nel­son uses oc­taves ex­ten­sively in both his rhythm and lead play­ing. He of­ten veers be­tween the two and oc­taves are a great de­vice for thin­ning out a rhythm part or, con­versely, thick­en­ing up a lead line. They are far more com­mon in jazz though and serve as another el­e­ment to make his style so unique within the coun­try genre.

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