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This de­vice ap­pears i1n ma1ny c1las­sic8­so­los and riffs, Thin Lizzy’s Chi­na­town be­ing a gGreat ex­am­ple in Shape 5. You could use pull-offs for a7­mo3re legato sound3, but we’ve opSte­hdapfe­or1al­ter­nate pick­ing for clar­ity. This time, S1h ape71 de­scends then Shape 2 as­cends and so on up to Shape 5. no­tice we have th5ree beats of rest af­ter the de­scend­ing pat­terns and one af­ter the as­cend­ing ver­sion. This is to ‘line up’ the be­gin­nin7g of each shape with the first beat of the bar.

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