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b4ack reBvert­ing to qua­vers, th­ese groups of five are a favourite of Eric John­son.

b1e4­fore, but off14 WeDE haven’t play8ed a5 group of five of­f14each not1e4o1f sc1a4le1a7s thABe first, sec­ond, th1i5rd1s87trin5g ‘rip­p17ling ef­fect and al­lows usD­to13demon­stra8te a5ll the po­si­tions in a smaller space. When you’ve worked

EGaoed­doe­ing1i5n s1o7­moee tri­oe­pl1e5ts to­ery th1e5shaSphoeeasp, through or us­ing econ­omy to bring this to life. Check the sec­ond demo solo for some of this. As with the other ex­am­ples, we’re al­ter­nately de­scend­ing and as­cend­ing8, us­ing

rests as nec­es­sary so that each p7o­s­i­tion sta7rts on1b0eat 17of t1h0e bar.

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