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De­signed pri­mar­ily to demon­strate Shapes 1-5 us­ing qua­vers and semi­qua­vers, hope­fully, this solo gives a bit of mu­si­cal con­text too. note the groups of three in bar 2, then some sneaky groups of 5 in bar 6. Bars 7 and 8 fea­ture some as­cend­ing sex­tu­plets, which very de­lib­er­ately demon­strate the pos­si­bil­i­ties for shift­ing po­si­tion once you have th­ese shapes down. Bar 11 slides a few 4ths around be­tween Shapes 2 and 1, set­tling there un­til bars 15 and 16, which work up swiftly to Shape 5 for that fi­nal bend. This solo shows how us­ing all five shapes can add fresh­ness and vi­tal­ity to this well-worn scale.

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