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Al­though this is writ­ten in 3/4, it could be ar­gued that it has a 6/8 feel due to the hand­clap back­beat (this is cer­tainly so in Joe’s live ver­sions). That said, the melody pickup comes in on beat 3 and the time base is much eas­ier to read in crotch­ets rather than dot­ted crotch­ets and qua­vers. You might end up feel­ing it and read­ing it two dif­fer­ent ways, so which­ever works best is fine!

There are some pretty chal­leng­ing chord stretches through­out this sec­tion, so your en­emy here will be un­wanted string sounds creep­ing through and fret buzz through un­sure fin­ger­ing. How­ever, the bass notes are com­pressed and eQd way down in the mix on the orig­i­nal, so you could re­move them en­tirely with­out re­ally af­fect­ing the vibe of the track.

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