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Jna.tu­ral Joe tends to play this fig­ure with three fin­gers, slid­ing through into the 11th fret, pro­ducinBgUvir­tu­ally an iden­ti­cal ef­fect. Choose your most

fir~st~s~tr~ing). waEy, en­sur­ing that yo19u d(2o1n)’t rush in­1t9o the D# (11th fret,

XXThis coun­try-in­spired lick needs to have a lit­tle ‘fin­ger roll’ (where one fin­ger ‘rolls’ over from one string to the next) from the first fin­ger in or­der to av1o6id nasty no1t5e b1l4ee1d3­bet1w1een s1t4rings.12

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