Hy­briD-pick­e5D6oetH­soe EXAMPLE2

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | PICKING -

cle. t.hem. Six­tBhs just sound an andm­clear when played with hy­brid pick­ing; there is no de­lay as there would be when drag­ging a pick across three strings to sound 6t©h»sh¡aºvºe beeoe. g5oeene3roeate5d

aoeim keoe TheDse n fro3m the rel5e­van3t Mixo4­ly­dian mode o5f eac5h chord. lower note3s the5re­oel­e­vanta re5­soun3­doeed with your pick while your sec­ond fin­ger picks the thro. pi­coekin­goe­h5a­noed­j3­soetea5­doey po­si­tio­noe­aboo­eve

toe yoeour up­per notes ugh­out; as be­f5ore, o ep

and˙in strings.


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