EXAMPLE1 Dou­ble-stop riff

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | PICKING -

ThisGcUlaIsTsAicRroTcEkCriHf­fNinIQtUhEeSstyMleAoGfArZitIcNhEie B2la5c0k­more il­lus­tratPesh­hiloCwampuoc­n­hetig-htSerOpRowTeYr­cOhUorRd rPif­fICssKoIuNnGd when played with hy­brid pick­ing. lower notes are played with your pick (us­ing only down-picks) while your sec­ond fin­ger picks out the up­per note of each dou­ble-stop. Aim to keep your pick­ing hand steady and poised in po­si­tion above the strings to min­imise move­ment – ef­fi­ciency is the key here.

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