142 Hy­bri­oeD EX­AM­PLE pick­ing fin­ger­style

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | PICKING -

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upoe b‰as.s stoee­jms boe­ass nooete­soe, meoelooe.dFyoe/nGooetes) coelaoer.ify It’s per­fectly pos­si­ble to play con­ven­tional fin­ger­style comps us­ing hy­brid pick­ing as this Chet Atkins-style ex­am­pale il­lus­trates. This has been writ­ten us­ing tra­di­tional fin­ger­style fCo7r stemFs for to tNh.eCp.ick­ing. Use your pick to play notes through­out and your sec­ond and third fin­gers to play the melody as in­di­cated.

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