H. y3briD pickin3g in 4tHs

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pick.ing that. il­lust≥rate0as it≥is pickin≥g ≥is ThisGuse­ful work­out how eas0ay tmo play notes on a0d­jace3nt strings w3hen us­ing hy­brid2pick­ing. Here th2e based on­m­reg­u­lar al­ter­nate butAwith no up-pick3s; th­ese are re3­placed and ex­e­cu3ted in­stead by th3e sec­ond fin­ger. The ‘burst’ of 16ths in the fourth bar3il­lus­trate the ef­fort­less flu­ency can be achieved when ap­ply­ing hy­brid paick­i­nag in≥this way.


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