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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | PICKING -

alw≥ay p≥icmks ThisEexx1a4m­plMeisx­poa­lyn­d­si­tah­nemGoMdeixoin­lyt­d­hiardnsCAGed shapes one and two. no­tice that the sec­ond fin­ger s the higher note of each 3rd, re­plac­ing the con­ven­tional up-pick­Nin.Ca.lter­nate pick­ing tech­nique. You’ll find this much eas­ier to play if you fret the up­per notes ex­clu­sively with your first fin­ger – so, to play ma­jor 3rd use first and sec­ond fin­gers, and to play a mi­nor 3rd use fin­gers first and third.

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