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We want to make the melodic line sing in this piece. Start with a warm rest stroke, play­ing over the mid­dle of the sound­hole and con­tinue us­ing rest stroke for the melody wher­ever pos­si­ble. I have in­di­cated the pick­ing hand fin­ger­ing for the first eight bars and I of­ten leave the fin­ger down on the ad­ja­cent string and leave it there un­til the next note or chord is needed. For ex­am­ple; in bar 2, I play the E melody note rest stroke and leave the fin­ger rest­ing on the third string while the bass note is plucked. The fin­ger is then al­ready on that string to pluck it in the mid­dle of the D chord on beat 2. This kind of tech­nique can be used a lot if you or­gan­ise the pick­ing hand fin­ger­ing ac­cord­ingly; it also in­creases se­cu­rity and tone con­trol. If you go care­fully you should see how this works for the first 8 bars.

At bar 9 we get re­peat of the main theme with a dif­fer­ent end­ing, lead­ing to what would nowa­days be called a cho­rus at bar 17. Aim to keep the melody nice and smooth (legato) and the ac­com­pa­ni­ment well ar­tic­u­lated. At bar 20 you will need a barre across five strings at the 7th fret and bar 22 will need a four-string barre at the 2nd.

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