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JJHere nigel sim­pli­fies the har­mony by ‘ig­nor­ing’ some of the changes. ig­nore the chord changes in bars 19 and 21 and you’ll end up with a very sim­i­lar sound. so think dm for two bars and am for two bars. The first chord melody mo­ment of the solo. nigel is aware of the chord changes and he chooses un­usual chord shapes to bring out in­ter­est­ing melodies.

JOn the third cho­rus nigel wants to change up a gear again. He starts al­ready on fire with a se­ries of quar­tal voic­ings played melod­i­cally. Quar­tal voic­ings are chords built us­ing per­fect or aug­mented 4ths (eg C-F-B). The gear change is also re­flected in the speed that goes up a notch with the phrases built in triplets.

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