Ex­am­plES 1&2

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON | CREATIVE ROCK -

ex­am­ple 1 This first ex­am­ple fea­tures the phe­nom­e­non whereby, when shift­ing from one string to an ad­ja­cent string, the same note is re­peated. Here, we’re miss­ing out the mid­dle note on each string within our three­notes-per-string ap­proach, which gives us a mod­ern sound com­pris­ing 4th in­ter­vals (be­tween the low­est and high­est notes on each string). In bar 3, we see a straight de­scent from the third string down to the sixth us­ing a 2-3-1 unGitUoInTAeaRchTsEtCrinHgN.IrQeUmEeSmMbeArG(fAroZmINEthe2p5re0vi­ous les­son) thSaHtAaUuNn'iSt iCsaREATIVE self-con­tained dig­i­tal se­quence. In this case 2-3-1 re­lates to the fact that, of the three pitches on each string, we play the mid­dle note first (2) fol­lowed by the high­est note (3) fol­lowed by the low­est note (1). ex­am­ple 2 In bar 5, a suc­ces­sion of 1-2-3 units are grouped in a 3-3-2 con­fig­u­ra­tion, which helps to pro­vide rhyth­mic in­ter­est. note that, al­though the contents of bar 6 (a mix­ture of 3-2-1 and 1-2-3 units) is rhyth­mi­cally more

it de­mands more ac­cu­racy from the fret­ting hand.

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