Ex­am­plES 3-6

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON | CREATIVE ROCK -

oe4-2oe-3-oe4-2oe-1 ao­ere­oe­ex­eoe­cuoete­doeo­noeeaoe­choe­stroein­goeu­soein­goe ex6am­poele, oe­u­nioets ex­am­ple 3 In this

pick­i­noeg a com­bi­na­tion of pick­ing and fret­ting-hand tap­ping with fret­ting-hand legato. rhyth­mi­cally, you will be tap­ping out eighth notes with­6the hand.6 ex­am­ple 4 Here, we see a graphic use of a 3-1-2 unit used on each string. ex­am­ple 5 The first half of bar 9 is rem­i­nis­cent of early Holdsworth. The large strBetches in the sec­ond half of the bar make it easy to ex­e­cute the var­i­ous

EEac­cented notes (as op­posed to play­ing them on the ad­ja­cent sec­ond string).

usi­noeg aoe­co­moe­bi­na­tion ex­am­ple 6 This sec­tion shifts lat­er­ally up the gui­tar neck through var­i­ousoe po­si­tions and is shown ex­e­cut6ed of pick­ing and fret­ting­hand tap­ping fret­ting-hand legato. How­ever, more tech­ni­cally adept play­ers may want to rely just on the fret­ting hand (al­tho6ugh tap­ping does6pro­duce a pleas­ingly fluid tone).

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