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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON | CREATIVE ROCK -

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#w7h­suic­sh4c/Aooem­prises anCoei/nAde­pen­doeent ex­am­pleF, con­sec­u­tive 1-2-3 units, con line in its own right.

8≠aoend ex­am­ple ex­am­ple 9 It doesn’t all have to be a blur of 16th-note triplets and 32nd notes. Here, our un­ortho­dox fin­ger­ing for the Pen­ta­tonic scale leads toB­some fre≠sh-sound­ing 16th-note lines with ear-catch­ing slides in both.

EL L L L L LL L L L L LL L L LL L L L Lex­am­ple 10 Heroee we hoeave a suc­ces­sion of 3-1-2 units hoeis

rem­i­nis­cent of a pick­ing­haoend tapoeped

fig­ure used by ed­wEa7rd­su­vsa4n/AHalen in solo from Michael Jack­son’s hit Beat It. again, like ex­am­ple 6 it’s taken lat­er­ally on the fret­board on the mid­dle two strings up through the var­i­ous po­si­tions. like ex­am­ples 3 and 4, the pick­ing­hand taps trace out an9eighth-note rhythm.


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