ExamplE5 pen­ta­tonic three-notes-per-string

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Much anal­y­sis of Holdsworth’s solo­ing style fea­tures one com­mon er­ror, the as­sump­tion of re­liance upon near ran­dom repo­si­tion­ing of some form of wide stretched geo­met­ric shape up and down in semi­tones or across the neck. W3hile pat­terns do ob­vi­ously oc­cur, at best this should be viewed as a gross over-sim­pli­fi­ca­tion and the re­al­ity is closer to the ex­am­ple seen here, based around a three-notes-per-string fin­ger­ing that com­bines el­e­ments of B Mi­nor (B-d-e-F#-a) and e mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (e-G-a-B-d) scales against an F# Phry­gian tonal­ity (F#-G-a-B-C#-d-e).

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