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The 6/8 time sig­na­ture and drop d tun­ing are favourite Thomp­son de­vices. We are play­ing in the tra­di­tional folk form of a jig here, so en­sure you are com­fort­able with the rhyth­mic feel be­fore pro­gress­ing through this one.

Be­ing a self-ac­com­pa­nist Thomp­son re­ally val­ues the im­por­tance of bass notes, so you’ll of­ten find as­cend­ing or de­scend­ing basslines be­ing played against his chords. it is the lux­ury of the fin­ger­picker to be able to cre­ate this ‘two in­stru­ments at once’ il­lu­sion but it can also re­sult in tricky fin­ger­ings!

em­bel­lish­ing the se­quence with quick pull-offs and ham­mer ons (as in bar 8) is a com­mon fea­ture of Thomp­son’s style so make sure the fret­ting hand is fully warmed up so you can ex­e­cute th­ese at the re­quired speed.

as you’ll have no­ticed, al­though we have a straight­for­ward chord se­quence many of the voic­ings are not stan­dard shapes, they are ‘en­riched’ by the ad­di­tion or ex­clu­sion of cer­tain notes. Th­ese rich voic­ings are part of what de­fines Thomp­son’s style as a gui­tarist and song­writer.

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