Guitar Techniques - - PLAY -

The first solo is in the style of Eric Clap­ton and starts out with ideEGas based on those we look1e4d at in l1ic2ks 1 and 3. Th14e idea f1r2om lick 2 is pla1c4ed in in bar 22 an1d2there1’4s an­oth­e1r2­turn1a2round learn1.2Key as­pects like the bend­ing of the C note slightly sharp and the us1e4of

fi1n2ger slides anEd bend­ing are all demon­strated and en­cap­su­late Eric’s style per­fectl~y.~~

The sec­ond solo starts out with some a ma­jor Pen­ta­tonic ideas th1a2t draw in­spir1a4­tion from12lick 7. Lick 9 is placed in con­text at bar 28 and lick 10 is to12­nav­i­ga1t4e the tu1r2n around – note the slightly more melodic na­ture of Green’s play­ing, al­most cer­tainly born out of his love of BB King.

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