T~iP~s Play­ing

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

[BriBdge 2 Bars 35 to 42] This8­sec­tio8n h1a0s t7he1s0am8e ch8ord as bri1d2ge 1 and a1lle4n ta1k5e1s4a1s2im1i5lar ap­proach1,2a1l­b3ei1t5with d12iffe1r5en1t2phrases of course. it would be a good ex­er­cise to learn th­ese phrases and the over­all con­tour and then im­pro­vise around this frame­work. an­other handy way to look at this type of study is es­taAb­lish­ing a ‘fin­ger­board roadmap’ where the play­ing sur­face is mapped out so the phases can be im­pro­vised in rel­a­tive safety.


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